ZikZak railway company is dedicated to providing you a safe, secure, punctual, and comfortable journey. We are committed to providing these services to you because we value your patronage with us. We ensure our services are revised or updated to reflect world class standards. To find out more about our core values; please read our Passenger's Charter.

Passenger's Charter

We make sure the contract you enter with us when you purchase a ticket is taken extremely seriously. That is why we have formulated our passenger’s charter which covers our transaction with you. Some of salient points it covers include:

  • Our dedication to you

  • Our achievement goals and where to look for information about our ratings

  • Ways to plan your travel

  • The quality of service you should expect from us

  • How we can indemnify you should your journey with us not go according to the expected plan

  • How to reach out to us with suggestions or inquiries as to how we can enhance our products and services.

To improve the Railways

We are dedicated to providing you a richer experience with our railway. Find out how we are making radical and significant changes inside our trains, at the train station, and other areas which are beyond your notice.

Making appointments and dreams work

Hundreds of thousands of people use our station yearly to meet up with deadlines or make commitments both at school, work or play. This reliance on train stations by communities has enabled us to work together with the railway sector in order to bring more prosperity for the United Kingdom.

Because of this, the ethos of our workforce is grounded on these four principles

  • To make sure we do all that we can to contribute positively to the country's economic growth

  • Enable tax payers get more value for their money

  • Boost customer experience including satisfaction when they play our station

  • Increase visibility for local businesses while providing jobs within the local community.

Our performance Index

Transparency is a very critical factor in what we do. We give our customers the opportunity to examine our station and trains to give their scores on the quality of service we offer. They are also allowed to give us feedback on how we can improve our overall service quality. Our quality manager, Stevan, has over ten years of experience in hosting live online roulette competitions. Quality assurance was what made Stevan stay working in this field for over one decade.

We ensure that you get the best service whenever you choose us