This is one of the country's top holiday destinations with its fantastic beaches, antique shops, and continental restaurants. Our railway travels straight to Brighton through the London underground. Once you get to this top tourist travel town, there are many places you can visit which you cannot afford to miss.

One of these is the Royal Pavilion which is constructed in the classical Indian style with its magnificent dome and tapering minarets. Getting inside, you will find even more exquisite designs which are capable of sweeping you off your feet.

After this architectural wonder, you may choose to take a walk towards the Brighton pier. This pier was constructed more than a hundred years ago, and today, it is still known for its seaside resorts, mini casinos, with its renowned fish and chips. There are other attractions vying for your attention such as the i360 British Airways plane which gives you the chance to take in the stunning views of this most beautiful and picturesque town.


From breathtaking cliffs to modern art to English heritage piers, the city of Eastbourne never leaves you without a feeling of satisfaction. It has excellent hangout areas by the seaside with places such as the Marine Parade which makes it an awesome destination for potential tourists or local visitors. The great thing about Eastbourne is, it is just a thirty minutes train ride from London.

There are scenic views around this lovely town which makes it stand out from the rest. There is a beautiful scene where you can gaze at the Downs countryside, looking at the beautiful cliffs amongst many other quality sights.

For you to enjoy this seaside town, you have to take a stroll through the beautiful white cliffs 530 feet above sea level with the popular iconic lighthouse. There are beautiful parks dotted with flora and fauna, while the clear sparkling river is a place where you can take your family or friends fishing. You may also choose to throw a picnic by the riverside enjoying the views of this most beautiful natural site.

You can also stock up on your historical knowledge when you visit the Eastbourne museum. There are quite a number of collectibles which will help boost your credibility with friends when you come back from your trip. The food is quite fantastic with special seafood cuisine. Come join us today as we explore Eastbourne!