There are many reasons why you could need our customer care team to look after you. You could misplace baggage or drop your mobile device while traveling with us. This can prompt you to seek our customer care service center. Other instances include claiming indemnity for services which we were not able to fully provide. Do not worry; you are in the right place.

Indemnity for Disrupted Service

We understand how hard it can feel when you expect to leave or arrive at your destination at a specific time but cannot due to fault from us. We accept responsibility for any delay we may have caused you. This is why we have a policy which enables you to a compensation of some sort when you get delayed by as little as twenty minutes.

Our indemnification package is a policy which we implement on all our stations to make sure you get compensated for delays which may have been caused through faults which are ours to take care of. Please note that compensation will not be offered if:

  • The delay was caused by an act of God or natural disaster of any kind.

  • Delay was caused as a result of maintenance works which are carried out by our team to improve your comfort or ensure your safety.

  • Delays which are caused during rush hours.

More information concerning our indemnification policy can be found here.

To claim your compensation, you are required to make your application through the online portal or send us a letter by registered post within thirty days of your travel with us.

To successfully make this application, you will need evidence that you traveled with us. Make sure to attach your ticket when you send in your letter to our support team.