For you to have a comfortable journey while getting to your destination on time, it is important to be prepared for your journey. You can do this by having the necessary information required to make your travel with us a resounding success. These are some of the available information required for your journey:

Disrupted Service

You can see through our portal if there are any disruptions to our service network. Sometimes, arrivals or departures may get delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. You may find alternative routes which may make your journey less stressful when this happens.

Once in a while we do have overcrowding which may be as a result of events like football matches during the weekends or during Champions League days. When this happens, there will more often than not be a disruption of our services. The service could be disrupted for as little as minutes for the local football game to disruptions that have lasted till the end of the day.

Customer Advice

Where there is a disruption of service, customers are advised to proceed on their journey as usual and with caution. The service may be slower than usual but you can be assured we will do all that is in our power to make sure everything is back to normal as soon as possible.

Where we may not be able to offer you the required service for your purchased ticket, or you have suffered a delay which has made you unable to complete your journey with us, then you may be entitled to be indemnified for the ticket you purchased from us. But note that to claim indemnity from us, you must keep the stump of your ticket as it will be used in evidence for the support of your claim.